Minimising potential taxes and duties on your death

Immediate access to your pension funds, allowing you to take out what you want, when you want it

As your wealth grows, it is inevitable that your estate becomes more complex. With over 400,000 people now expected to reach age 75 each year [1], more and more people could be faced with a 55 per cent tax charge on any money left in their pension fund when they die. Continue reading…

Income drawdown

When you’re not ready to convert your pension fund into retirement income

If you decide that you’re not ready to convert your pension fund into retirement income by buying a lifetime annuity, but you do need funds, you have a few options. These are often known as income drawdown options. Continue reading…

Gender neutrality

Women could increase their pension income
by over 20 per cent

The new 20 per cent uplift in capped income withdrawals, applicable from the 26 March this year, means that people could start to see the benefit of this uplift from the start of their new income year following this date. Continue reading…

Retirement income guarantee

Additional income protection

If you have a partner or other dependants, such as children, you might want to think about additional retirement income protection. With income protection, your named dependants could get some or all of your retirement income if you die, either as regular payments over a period of time, or as a one-off lump sum. Continue reading…

Different types of annuity

Valuable options that allow you to tailor the income you need

In the UK, there are basically two types of annuity:
• pension annuities (compulsory purchase)
• purchased life annuities (voluntary purchase) Continue reading…